Fast For LIFE: September 14-21

join us in praying for LIFE to be released in this nation!


We feel the stirring of the Lord and are calling a fast this September 14th-21st, for the ending of abortion in the midwest and across the nation, and are Asking the Lord to stir our hearts towards the injustice of the shedding of innocent blood. Join us as we petition the Author of LIFE for a culture of LIFE in the midwest and our nation.

Practical ways to join us in prayer:

IHOPKC Global Prayer Room Intercession: Come stand with us in the house of the Lord for the ending of abortion in America, or connect via the live webstream.

  • Friday: 4am-6am, 10am-noon, 4pm-6pm (All CST)

IHOPKC Sideroom Prayer: Come pray in a small group setting. Each session lasts an hour.

  • Tuesday:9:30am-10:30am, 7pm-8pm (post-abortive healing prayer)
  • Thursday: 7:30am-8:30am
  • Friday: 3pm-4pm, sideroom #13 (Human Life Amendment prayer)

Stand on the LIFE lines: Inside of the…

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