If you’re pro-life, please read this and research the facts he cites. Mark is qualified to write this; it’s not an opinion piece but cited research. Please consider these facts and look further and prayerfully at the sources. In the intro before the blog is an email address you can write with any questions you have.


Hello from the Bound4LIFE Kansas City team. Please take the time to read our blog and watch the included videos concerning birth control and abortion. We feel this is a sensitive matter that many in the body of Christ and pro-life community are fully unaware of. In light of that, we want to be sure that this message is delivered in tenderness and love. Our heart is that this message would lead ones to the mercy seat of Jesus Christ and we pray that is how you receive it. This is not intended to be a message of condemnation but one of truth and invitation from the Lord.

Please refer any questions you may have to: LIFE@ihopkc.org

The Bound4LIFE KC Team


Written by: Mark Olson

Life begins at conception.  To support such a statement it will suffice to recommend that the reader examine the myriad of other writings…

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