Today is the Super Bowl… oh wait not everyone is celebrating or having fun

This morning as I was checking e-mails, the weather, my friends status updates on Facebook, I ran across this and I need to share this with you all. Unless you have been under a rock somewhere or do not watch news at all  you have heard about Saeed Abedini, an American Pastor who is  being held in an brutal Iranian prison. He has been sentenced to be in a cell for 8 years. His only crime? He is a practicing Christian!
This is not okay and we must continue to fight for his release! If you have missed any of the video updates about all the happenings of Pastor Saeed I encourage you to go back in watch them.

While most American Christians go about there Sunday going through the motions, not really paying attention to the needs of others around them, getting into fights about whose team is the best (Oh yes there is a game that is a pretty big deal today I believe its called the Super Bowl- can you tell i don’t care about it!)

Countless numbers of women,men and even children will be trafficked yes, forced to engage in sexual acts against there will. Today while many eat junk food enjoying commercials about perhaps that very food they are consuming, Pastor Saeed is waiting in a cell he does not deserve to be in, in danger at the hands of his captors. While people laugh and enjoy time with families and friends arguing about things that won’t matter tomorrow, people will be bough and sold for sex right next to those cheering on there favorite team! This can and should touch your heart, this should make you stop and say ” How can this be?”  “Why is an American citizen being treated like this”.  How do people not know everyone who sells there bodies it is not always their choice.

In the land of the free and the home of the brave we are living shallow lives, not really experiencing freedom at all are we? We may not be in a prison cell or forced to perform sexual acts for money we would never receive, but Americans are enslaved to media, music, sports, fashion, and pointless facts that help us win money on games shows, that the government takes a huge chunk of our winnings but isn’t that what freedom is all about?  We are free to choose Life or death, we are free to choose to care about whatever we like, no matter if it is good or bad its our choice to make. Hey don’t misunderstand me, if your planning on going to a viewing party for today’s game, that’s great, I hope that you have a good time and that your team wins.  Please take a moment and think about what would happen today if  your family  and friends took would take out time to remember and pray for those who are not able to choose what they would like there day to be like. (Hebrews 13:3)

  Stop and remember that their are those in our nation and around the world who are hopeless, helpless and will stay that way unless someone somewhere stand up and speaks out on their behalf. Will you take time to partner with the heart of our heavenly Father and intercede for those who are bound in sin, entrapped in lifestyles they did not choose, who are forced to life in a way they do not agree with. Will you and those around you be the ones to make a shift in the spirit today that sets in motion a chain of events that will bring them freedom not only in the natural but also sets their spirit man free! How wonderful and glorious is it to be brought out of darkness into His marvelous Light. ( 1Peter 2:9)

 Today I hope that you will choose to stand up and make a difference, becoming a voice that stands for true justice in your town, city, state, making a difference in our nation!

Here are some practical things you can do for Pastor Saeed and his family please share this list with your everyone you know.

There are people living a life
not their own, trapped in plain sight. If you see something say something…

If you are being forced to work against your will or engage in commercial sex, call 1-888-3737-888 for confidential help and information.


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