WOW…… Jesus encounter this lady today, heal her heart, she is in need of forgiveness and love<3

Rock For Life

In this video a woman credits her abundant wealth to aborting her own child when she was eighteen.  Her punch line, and what get’s the pro-lifer’s attention (and ours obviously!), “I’m a millionaire because I had an abortion.”  This, unfortunately is a common argument for abortion and the advancement of young women on college campuses.  It is quit sad.

I think it’s a little far-fetched to claim this and I think its more for shock value by abortion proponents, but like any joke there is a little bit of truth behind it.  In reality, her and many young college students back then, since then and even today are more than willing to abort their own children then to abort their college and professional careers.  The abortion rate on college campuses is through the roof.

Abortion in this circumstance and like all circumstances, is not necessary.  Sure, quitting school is hard…

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