Ohio Mother Sues Abortion Clinic Over Failed Abortion.


Rock For Life

Miracle baby: Ariel Knights, pictured left with her fiance, he son and the 'miracle baby' girl she delivered in September

An Ohio mother of two has decided to sue an abortion clinic over the failed abortion of her daughter, a child she and her fiance have since called “miracle baby.”

Last year, when 22-year-old Ariel Knights was told by doctors that her pregnancy could be life-endangering, she made a decision to schedule an abortion. In March 2012, Knights scheduled an abortion through Akron Women’s Medical Group.In an interview with the Beacon Journal, Knights said the clinic’s atmosphere was dark, “Every seat was full. People were standing…It was pretty much like a slaughterhouse; it was like OK, next, next.” Knights full detail’s of the experience, found here, are rather shady and scary. She was dealt with in a very cold way, the deed was done and she was sent on her way. But a few days later, she began feeling ill and going through some serious physical pain. She…

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