Protest At Ward 350, Special Guards Units Sent To The Ward, 10 Prisoners Sent To Solitary Confinement


Please pray and share!

Since this is already on media, I am able to share update on Saeed. Last night Saeed was taken with 10 other prisoners to Solitary Confinement. I heard from trusted sources inside of Iran that there was a silent protest by the prisoners of ward 350 protesting the harsh treatment and threats against their families outside of prison and their own treatment and lack of medical attention inside of the prison. Saeed and 10 other prisoners were then taken to solitary. I also heard that Saeed’s health is worsening. He has internal bleeding and now issues with his kidneys because of the beatings. We believe that he is being beaten in solitary. We have no way of finding out about his health. There will be no more visitations allowed and we will have no way of knowing how Saeed is doing.

Saeed had previously told his family that when he was in solitary confinement that was the hardest time in his life. That every hour was like one year and that he was losing his memory and his health was deteriorating quickly.

Please pray for his health and healing. Pray for his release. That the Lord would use this for His Glory and salvation of many.


Naghmeh Abedini


After tension broke out at Ward 350 of Evin prison, special guards units were sent to the ward and 10 political prisoners were moved to Ward 240 solitary confinement on the direct order of Tehran Prosecutor General.

Political prisoners Saeed Madani, Abdollah Momeni, Abolfazl Abedini Nasr, Siyamak Ghaderi, Amir Khosro Dalirsani, Mohamad Hassan Yousefpour Seifi, Saeed Abedini, Kamran Ayazi, Mohamad Ebrahimi and Poriya Ebrahimi were all moved to solitary confinement after protesting the Deputy Warden demanding the dismissal of Saeed Madani as the representative of Ward 350 political prisoners.

Following this illegal demand by the Deputy Warden, prisoners protesting this illegal order, and in support of their chosen representative, chanted slogans and sang anthems in the public area of the Ward.

The prisoners were demanding the dismissal of Deputy Warden Momeni, and halting of his interference with the Ward 350 affairs.

Also, the prisoners’ chanting of “Death to the dictator”…

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