Year in Review: Prayer & Fasting on Anniversary of One-Child Policy

Year in Review: Prayer & Fasting on Anniversary of One-Child Policy

BOSTON, Massachusetts, USA — Wednesday, September 25th, marks the 33rd anniversary of China’s One-Child Policy, a policy that has taken the lives of countless individuals and torn apart the fabric of Chinese society.  All Girls Allowed is calling on followers of Jesus all around the world to commit this day to the Lord through prayer and fasting, asking him to swiftly bring an end to the twin evils of gendercide and coercive family planning.

Under the One-Child Policy, nearly two-thirds of Chinese couples (more than 900 million people) are allowed to have only one child, provided that they have already been legally married.  The toll on life has been staggering.  Since coercive family planning began in China, over 336 million forced and coerced abortions have been performed.  Countless women have taken their lives, with an astounding female suicide rate of 500 per day, higher by far than any other nation in the world.  Girls suffer disproportionately, with every sixth baby girl being aborted, killed, or abandoned in favor of a boy.  As a result, there are at least 37 million more men than women in China today.

What can we do in response?  We can pray, we can testify, and we can act…..


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