Music Monday Thoughts

So I came home last night to see the Grammy’s which I knew I would mostly fast forward, which makes me sad because I really love music but you already knew, and as the show began I skipped the opening number which by the way should be amazing but I gave up on Beyonce a long time ago…. Anyways its award season and I always attempt to watch them all mostly for the speeches... p.s. I could not even stay awake and finished them this morning

1) I tried to watch Taylor Swift…. it was a piano slow song why she started doing all that dramatic hair flipping/ head banging looking like Beethoven I’ll never know why that was necessary, it ruined it for me.. and i need to know who that was about because whoever it was really messed with that girls heart and head.

2) I really wanted to see Katy Perry sing but she picked a creepy jam and was in a snow globe.. i mean a crystal ball and those tall grim reapers behind her told me I was out… may have been a good performance but I’ll never no.. made me sad because she has a beautiful voice.

3) Okay something good I loved Sarah Bareilles & Carole King piano duet it was beautiful and I will watch it again

4) I skipped ever Beatles thing I know if you made it this far you may be offended but I am not intending to do so, I just have never liked them that’s not the kind of stuff I grew up on

5) okay I know a lot of you like ” Lorde” but she creeps me out every time i have attempted to watch her on tv no matter what song she is singing I just can’t do it…

6) whatever Ozzy said during his acceptance speech I don’t think anyone understood, also he needs Jesus and some iron pill and a steak becasue he’s so pale.

7) the space people (Daft Punk) from France… i just kept wondering how they are breathing in that helmet all night

8) umm of course i FWD the “same love song” only to see a lot of people…..
Why is Queen Latifah officiating a mass wedding for 33 same sex & heterosexual couples !?!? Then I see Madonna come out in a modest all creamy white country western get up with a sparkly cane…

9) I didn’t hear any amazing thank you speeches I don’t even wanna talk about JayZ’s universalism speech…. its the grammys why didn;t anyone sing their thank you speeches … just saying at least no one did of the part of the show they aired… um what the!!

10) I suppose my favorite part was the Chinese man that played the piano at the end


I think Pink did a really amazing job doing all that crazy Cirque de Soleil stuff she did while she was singing….


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